Magician's Malice

Ending Adventure

For the true completion to Magician’s Malice, see the Tower of Farendor.

Session #11

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Cleric Chronicles Mumbling Mud

Session #9

The next day, Arashi tracked each member of their group down and asked them if they would agree to spend two days in the city. Most agreed and were curious at her reasons, but she was quite secretive with her true intentions. The rest of the day was spent differently by each person, although Nemala and Raze gathered everyone together for dinner that evening, except Thanos who had been missing most of the day.

At the dinner, Nemala revealed that throughout the day she had gathered information that an assassins guild was located in the sewers and suggested they check it out. Most of the rest disagreed, seeing it as a sure suicide to go looking for trouble. The disagreement turned to an argument over gaining information when a deep voice found its way under the noise to whisper softly in Sophia’s ear. She turned to see the man from the day before, Dragon, lounging at the bar, a playful smirk on his lips. Sophia mustered her courage and joined him at the bar, determined to get as much information as she could. Dragon was more than accommodating, but was upfront in telling her that his information was not free. He stopped time for all but them and grew more and more bold as she continued to ask him questions, even showing her a taste of his own power. He was impressed at the woman’s resolve, but also pleased to see she was reacting to him as most women did. When she kept dodging his question on whether or not she would join him in bed, he finally drew her in and kissed her deeply. Before leaving, he rested his hand on her stomach and told her solemnly that he would see her again before she was officially a mother.

As Sophia’s eyes went wide, the tavern came alive again. She rushed from the questions of her party members, needing time to sort through them for herself. After a while, she did return to her bewildered friends and told them of the information she had gained about Farendor, his beasts, and the origin of his powers. She ignored their questioning stares and kept the other information to herself.

The next day, Arashi gathered everyone together and led them out of the city toward the gorge that separated Cormire and Cliff’s View. They looked at her in disbelief when they saw the way across the gorge. It was a thin piece of marble, no wider than three feet across that lead the way across the yawning chasm. As the wind buffeted them, already threatening to knock them down, they shook their heads, not wanting to cross. Arashi encouraged them, telling them it was safe and pleading with them to cross. Sophia was the first to step forward. The others watched in amazement as she set foot on the marble bridge. It immediately looked as though the wind had died, yet they were still feeling it. One by one they stepped onto the bridge in single file. It took them two nerve wracking hours to cross the narrow stone way, but they all made it. They approached the great doors of the temple devoted to Tempest and were greeted with appetizing aromas and soft music as the doors were thrown open. Arashi had planned a party for them as a way to show her gratitude and they all stepped in, intending to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Halfway through their night of revelry, screams pierced their fun. Rushing outside to see what the cause was, they found themselves face to face with Farendor himself, riding atop his newest creation, the manticore. The battle began quickly, with the manticore flinging barbs from its wicked looking tail, roaring as arrows found their mark. Farendor was quick to construct a force cage around Arashi, his intended prey, and directed the creature toward it. As the party fought hard, Sophia bargained with Farendor telepathically, but got no where. They managed to kill the manticore and tackle Farendor to the ground. He let them hold him at first, but quickly grew tired of their antics and simply teleported next to the cage he constructed. Putting his hand on it, he gave a victorious grin as he was about to teleport away.

Just before he could, a bright flash of lightning struck him, followed by an angry peel of thunder that blinded and deafened the group. When their senses cleared, the party stared in awe of the most beautiful red-headed goddess they had ever laid eyes on. As they stared, the woman thanked them for their protecting her temple, leaving no doubt that she was indeed Tempest, Goddess of Storms. With a whisper and a wave of her hand, she healed their wounds and graciously offered them her temple to rest in for the night. For their service, she also offered to teleport them to any city they chose. Most of the group was too awestruck to say much, save Tusk, who managed to seduce the goddess to his bed for the night, thoroughly shocking his companions.

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Cleric Chronicles Frozen Frisk
Cleric Chronicles Alarming Affair

Session 8

After divvying up the treasure, the party continued on their way in a somber silence. Even their camp that night was filled with silence, each thinking on the horror of the note they found. Along with their growing horror was a growing resolve to see the horrible wizard stopped. They couldn’t allow him to keep up his rape of nature.

As they traveled, they neared a large boulder. Sitting atop of the bolder was a painfully handsome man lounging, watching their approach with mild interest. His hair was a playful blonde and his lips were tilted in a mischievous half grin. He didn’t even raise an eyebrow as Raze lifted his bow, aiming it at him, demanding to know his reason for sitting there. He casually explained his name was Dragon and that he was simply enjoying the scenery. The man fairly well ignored comments made by the men, turning his focus to the women of the group and complimenting their beauty with a smile that made them all blush. Thanos and Raze pulled Sophia and Nemala behind them protectively, leaving Arashi to blush all the more when Dragon’s eyes found hers, his eyebrows raising.

Finally, Dragon hopped down from the boulder and turned, heading in the same direction as the party, on toward Cormire. They followed after him at a safe distance and as the sun began to set, a strange woman appeared behind Dragon. She leaped and tackled him to the ground, seeming to be intent on making love to him right out in the open. He threw her off of him and stood, yelling harshly at her. At her reply, he backhanded her and watched as she fell to the ground. Sophia moved forward, her ire raised at the way he treated the woman. As she approached, his eyes flashed completely black as he told the woman to go home. After he was certain she was gone, he turned to Sophia, his charming smile returned as he explained the woman was a subordinate of his that had misbehaved.

He admitted that he had been sent by Farendor, but detested working for anyone else. He introduced himself as a Dark One and offered them all a place within their organization. Not surprisingly, they all refused. He shook his head sadly and muttered that he hated to fight woman and waste such beauty. As he muttered, the beautiful tattoo of a dragon on his chest rippled and seemed to come alive. It grew as it climbed off of his body. Soon they found themselves gazing at a large red dragon. Dragon smiled to the group once more and told them that Ruby would take good care of them. Before he vanished, he promised that he would see them all again.

The group was left to battle the red dragon, unsure if it was even real or if it was a simple illusion. The searing heat and pain of its fire breath quickly told them it was real enough and they fought until the beast roared in anger and vanished into thin air. The group decided to make camp after the battle, most of their resources and energies exhausted. When they woke the next morning, all of them seemed to be in higher spirits with the knowledge that by nightfall, they would reach Cormire and could once again sleep in the comfort of a bed. Their steps were lighter as they continued on their way and, by nightfall, they were greeted with the welcome sight of a city. Once inside the city, they split off with murmurs of goodnight and see you tomorrow, eager to rest and have a hot meal.

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Cleric Chronicles Double Dragons
Cleric Chronicles Calm Cormire

Session 7

The next morning, they packed up and headed off toward the city of Cormire. As they walked along, Vyrhelle carried on private conversations with both Tusk and Astlin. As she was talking with Tusk, Astlin grew angry and he and Tusk began arguing, accusing one another of wanting to hurt Vyrhelle. As the fight threatened to escalate, Thanos moved between the two men, using his axe and his imposing form to intimidate the two men into a brief calm. Emotions ran high though, and soon they were yelling again, along with Nemala angrily ordering Vyrhelle to leave Astlin alone.

Vyrhelle let loose a throwing dagger at Nemala, and immediately Thanos charged her, seeking to bury his axe into her. Sophia rushed up behind her and grabbed hold, demanding to know why she had slipped a charm potion into the food from the night before. Vyrhelle simply laughed and told them it would have been much easier if they had all become her drones. With that, she disappeared and they were left, stunned and hurt at the betrayal, several of the group members glancing toward Sophia.

They continued on their own, traveling in silence, each thinking about Vyrhelle and how they could have easily been killed if she had done things differently. At camp that night, the party was attacked by terrifying phantoms and a specter, seeming to be led by a flaming green skull. The battle seemed to solidify the group once more and they rested a little easier afterward.

The morning brought rain as they continued on. As they trudged on closer to the city, they came upon a stone outcropping that opened into a small cave. Their timing couldn’t have been worse as two creatures moved to step out. Large, muscular creatures grinned at them with pure hatred. Behind them, smaller creatures with spikes thrusting out of their skin giggled with pure maniacal glee as their evil red eyes spied the party. As the group concentrated on the four creatures at the mouth of the cave, they were surprised when a peel of thunderous force blasted into them from inside the cave. They couldn’t see the source of the attack, but knew that the four creatures they could see wouldn’t be the end. The tenacious creatures in front were hard to kill as the group desperately battled, getting pummeled from the hidden creatures within.

When the others had fallen and they finally looked upon the creatures that had been hidden, their appearance gave the group pause. They were hunched over, leathery creatures with powerful main legs and a thick tail. They had no eyes, but possessed a large mouth which they would quickly learn was where the blast of thunderous force was coming from. These beasts fell quickly to their assault and they were rewarded with the sight of a large chest as the beasts fell. The first item in the chest was a letter in a script they had grown to hate.

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Letters to my Wife
Cleric Chronicles Trials and Tribulations
Cleric Chronicles Treasured Travels

Session #6

The next day as they continued through the mountains, they noticed a plume of smoke off in the distance. They traveled the day, watching it wearily as they walked. By the time they reached the next campsite, they still couldn’t see what was causing the smoke. When they woke in the morning, the plumes were still there, adding more to their unease, wondering what could be continually burning. They packed up and moved on.

Eventually, as the plume grew closer, they came to a landslide covering the path. The ice covered rubble proved to be hard to scale, but Thanos was the first up and over. Seeing the trouble and hearing the cries of pain of those who lost their grip on the ice and tumbled back down, Thanos decided to help them and retrieved his rope. As he was helping to pull them up, he was struck from behind and lost his grip. He turned to face the enemy only to find nothing. As Thanos was joined by more of the party, four skeletons rounded charged into view from a curve in the path. They suddenly knew the source of the smoke plume as two of the skeletons where ablaze. As the battle ensued, they also discovered what had attacked Thanos as a tiefling blurred into view.

After the battle and subsequent searching of the tiefling’s body, they found a note in the familiar ornate elven script signed by Farendor offering a bounty of 2000 gold pieces for proof of the deaths of the party. They stood, stunned by the news that he was worried enough about them to offer such a purse. As they started their descent, that news was at the forefront of many of their thoughts, until they came across the river emerging from the mountain. Sitting at it was a woman bearing the mark of Willow on her shoulder. She was covered in deep scratches and wounds, clearly having survived a tough battle. She looked up apprehensively as they approached until Sophia let them know that they were not enemies.

The woman quickly began to question them on whether or not there were strange beasts on the other side of the mountain. Introducing herself as Vyrhelle, she described what she had only just encountered. A horrible beast, half owl and half bear had waylaid the group of guards in training she was with and killed them all. The group debated among themselves on whether or not to trust the woman, knowing they had a bounty over their heads. With Sophia’s urgings, Vyrhelle was reluctantly and conditionally allowed to travel with them. She took them to the place she had encountered the creature and they were faced with a grizzly scene. Blood and body parts lie strewn everywhere and the smell was awful. Vyrhelle approached one of the armored torsos and sobbed softly as she knelt near it.

They followed a path of blood and ragged, torn trees until they came upon the body of an owlbear. The body held signs of heavy wounds which caused it to bleed to death as it moved away from the slaughter. As they stared down at the odd creature, another charged into view. It let out a horrifying mix of a screech and a roar as it rushed forward. The group quickly dispatched the beast, leaving them shocked at how quickly they had killed the beast when a larger group had been laid waste to. As a thank you, Vyrhelle took them to a campsite where they had food stashed and cooked a feast for them. Everyone in the group partook of the meal save Nemala and Manford.

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Session #5

As the group traveled along the side of the river, hoping to find a more narrow spot for them to cross, they realized that they would not find one and decided their best course of action would be to use the pass through the mountains and go to Cormire, knowing they would have a way to cross the mighty river. The group took the peaceful journey to the base of the mountain, some of them using the time to become better acquainted and to discuss the true threat that Farendor represented.

The travel through the mountains proved trial after trial for the group. They had grown used to the warming spring temperatures only to face a chilling winter setting as they began their climb. Their very first day of climbing lead them to a camp site well after the time they normally would have stopped. As they set camp in the failing light, an angry boulette burst up from the ground beneath Nemala, very nearly ending her adventure. After battling the beast, they all huddled down, prepared to rest during the cold night, only to wake up to a heavy sleet beating down on their tents. After a debate, it was agreed that they would stay where they were, knowing it would be treacherous to continue on in such weather.

As the day progressed, the sleet turned to snow and they soon found themselves having to trudge through 5 inches of heavy snow. They decided they could afford no more lost time and continued, fearing more snow. As the daylight began to fail them again, they came upon a cave and hurried toward it, thankful for a better shelter from the elements. As they peered in to make sure it was empty, they missed the lurking danger above their heads. Orin and Astlin were the first to know the creatures were there as they were grabbed by their throats and choked viciously by the aptly named creatures. As Thanos tried to rescue Astlin from the creatures grasp, it was quick to use the paladin as a shield. Too late to stop his swing, Thanos buried his axe into Astlin’s midsection. As they fought the chokers, they were ambushed by hobgoblins rushing into the cave from the opposite way they had entered.

They fought a hard battle and nearly lost Astlin to the chokers, but they all survived the encounter. After clearing the bodies from the cave, they rested, eager to continue in the morning to escape the horrible trek over the mountains.

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Session 4

That evening, while relaxing in the tavern, they were approached by two people: a young wizard named Rogan who wished to chronicle their adventures, and a gruff dwarf named Manford who seemed to have some sort of odd connection to Tusk. Reluctantly accepting them into their group, they spent the rest of the night getting some rest. That morning, they went to meet the mayor of Meliora.

While there, the mayor explained that she had received word from Rofellos with a thanks for their hard work and their pay of 50 gold. She offered to double that price if they would continue to check into the situation and try to put an end to it. The group hastily agreed, each having their own reasons. She informed them that she would send along their pay to the next city as the other mayor had done. She told them that the cities of DevKarin and Qualostra had been attacked by strange creatures and that they were occurring at nearly every city in between.

The party decided that they would supply up and journey first to Xelt and then on to DevKarin, skirting the forest rather than going through the dangerous terrain. After gathering supplies, the group departed and began the next stretch of their journey. The day was mostly peaceful, but at nightfall, they encountered another of Farendor’s creations. The creature seemed to be little more than a floating brain, many tentacles below it. It had no eyes, but seemed to know just where they were. The creature was accompanied by a snake that looked like it was made of iron. Through the snake, Farendor again warned them to stop interfering. After dispatching both, they rested for the night.

After two days of peaceful travel, they finally came upon the Foris River. They were shocked to see that the river was nearly a mile wide, much larger than they had expected. They decided to wait and rest overnight before trying to decide how to cross in the morning. As they were setting up camp, Astlin alerted them to voices. As he did, a large black dragon was flying over the river at them, accompanied by three kobolds. After a hard fought battle, they moved down river to avoid the acidic blood of the dragon.

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Letters to my Wife
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Third Session

The party pressed on out of the forest and continued toward the city of Meliora, unaware of the fate that would await them there. As they crested a hill, they got their first look at the city and the flames threatening to consume it. Hovering over the city was a horrifying creature that was as confusing as it was frightening. It seemed to be some sort of red scaled worm with great leathery wings. It had a mass of writhing tentacles coming from it’s body just under a mouth full of teeth. As they crested the hill, the creatures eye stalks turned toward them and the creature seemed enraged at their presence and turned its attention to them. It flew far quicker than they could run and they were still several hours from the city when they began to combat the beast.

As they fought the creature, they were soon horrified to realize that it was another of Farendor’s creations. As it reared back and breathed fire into their midst, it left little doubt in their minds that he was now experimenting on dragons. After finally slaying the abomination, they ran as fast as they could toward the burning city, seeking to help the city folk save their town. By the time they reached it, however, most of the fires had been put out. The damage seemed to be less than they expected, as it only affected a small section of the city. After helping where they could, they rested their weary bodies at an inn, content to leave a meeting with the mayor for the morning.

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Letters to my Wife
Primal Memoirs Chapter 3
Cleric Chronicles Burning Boroughs


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