Tiefling Rogue - DECEASED


Nemala does not have the appearance of a typical Tiefling. Her Hair is long, and is naturally colored black with purple bangs. Her eyes are pure silver and her skin is fair. Her horns are small and not as pronounced as most others and she craftily hides them in her hair underneath messy buns. Her tail on the other hand is exceptionally long. She wears what remains of a severely tattered leather tunic, and various gloves. She also wears a pair of old tattered leather pants which she has modified to stay together in an unusual fashion. This is rounded out with a pair of knee high leather boots.

  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5’9
  • Weight: 155
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Tiefling
  • Class: Rogue
  • Alignment: Unaligned
  • Hair Color: Black and Purple
  • Skin: Fair
  • Body Type: Slender yet curvy

  • Equipment: Backpack, bedroll, water skin, flint and steel, rations, sunrods, 50 feet of rope, leather armor, short sword, daggers, shuriken, sealing wax, thieves tools, and a map.

  • Languages
    • Common
    • Elven

  • Ability Scores
    • STR: 15 (+1)
    • CON: 14
    • DEX: 19 (+2)
    • INT: 12
    • WIS: 12
    • CHA: 19 (+1)

  • Defenses
    • AC: 20
    • FORT: 19 (+3)
    • REF: 13 (+3)
    • WILL: 21 (+3)

  • Feats
    • Brutal Scoundrel
    • Backstabber
    • Nimble Blade
    • Cunning Ambusher
    • Skill Focus (Perception)
    • Two Weapon Fighting

  • Powers
    • Sly Flourish
    • Riposte Strike
    • Torturous Strike
    • Tricksters Blade
    • Slippery Mind
    • Cloud of Steel
    • Trick Strike
    • Deep Cut
    • Deadly Positioning
    • Deep Cut


Her parents were killed when she was young. Her uncle was the only family she had left so obviously he took her in. Unfortunately he couldn’t even take care of himself. He had a really bad gambling problem and frequently lost more than he could afford. Nemala always ended up bailing her uncle out of trouble. Her rogue skills came natural to her and she used them to steal and con people out of their money in order to cover her uncle’s debts. Due to her uncle’s habit, they moved around several times. This coupled with many people’s weariness of Tieflings has made it hard for her to form relationships.

Around the time she turned 18 her uncle lost big on a bet with some unsavory travelers. The debt equaled 300 gold pieces and he was unable to pay it. Nemala tried desperately to gather enough gold but was unable to do so. When this failed she tried to save her uncle by force but was badly beaten in the process.

After her uncle’s death, she saw no reason to stay. She took what gold she had gathered and took a job escorting a caravan. While she wanted away from that place, somewhere in her mind she hoped to find her uncle’s killers.


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