Raze Dragmyr

A silent champion of nature and an instrument of her wrath.


Raze Dragmyr
Human Ranger 9
Alignment: Unaligned
Deity: Willow
Languages: Common, Elven

Ability Scores:
STR: 15 (2)
CON: 14 (2)
DEX: 22 (6)
INT: 12 (1)
WIS: 18 (4)
CHA: 10 (0)

Hit Points: 71 Healing Surges/Day: 8 Healing Surge Value: 17 Bloodied Value: 35

Armor Class: 23 Fortitude: 19 Reflex: 23 Willpower: 20
Armor Worn: Hide Armor (3 AC, 0 Speed, 1 Check Penalty)

Initiative: 10 Speed: 6 Passive Insight: 18 Passive Perception: 25

At Will Powers: Careful Attack, Nimble Strike, Twin Strike

Encounter Powers: Evasive Strike, Disrupting Strike, Weave Through the Fray, Biting Volley

Daily Powers: Hunt's End, Splintering Strike, Attacks on the Run

(Powers in italics are taken from the Martial Powers supplement book)

Feats: Lethal Hunter, Human Perseverance, Defensive Mobility, Weapon Focus (Bow), Weapon Proficency (Greatbow), Toughness, Precise Hunter

Racial and Class Features:
Human: Bonus At Will Power (Twin Strike)
Human: Bonus Feat (Lethal Hunter)
Human: Bonus Skill (Endurance)
Ranger: Archer Fighting Style (Defensive Mobility)
Ranger: Hunter's Quarry (1d8)
Ranger: Prime Shot

Acrobatics: 15 (Trained)
Arcana: 5
Athletics: 6
Bluff: 4
Diplomacy: 4
Dungeoneering: 8
Endurance: 11 (Trained)
Heal: 13 (Trained)
History: 5
Insight: 8
Intimidate: 4
Nature: 13 (Trained)
Perception: 15 (Trained)
Religion: 5
Stealth: 15 (Trained)
Streetwise: 9 (Trained)
Thievery: 10

Armor: Cloth, Leather, Hide
Weapons: Simple/Military Melee
Weapons: Simple/Military Ranged, Exotic Ranged (Greatbow)

Equipment: Adventurer's Kit, Climber's Kit, Arrows, Skinning knife, Thick fur hides (winter clothing), Inescapable Greatbow +3, War Pick, Hide Armor, Bracers of Perfect Shot, Ebony Fly, 369 Platinum, 9 Gold, 5 Silver, 5 Copper

(Underlined items are from the Adventurer's Vault supplement book)



"My fury is more scorching than a raging volcano; my resolve is stronger than the immovable mountains; my passion runs deeper than the deepest oceans; my arrows fly faster than the strongest gales. Do not provoke me to violence; you can not evade my wrath more than you can evade your own shadow."

     19 years old and standing at 6'2 and 175lbs with deep blue eyes and long, dirty blonde hair, Raze is the eldest son of Robert and Taylor Dragmyr. Growing up a soft-spoken boy with a thirst for knowledge, he would often spend his time outside his parent's woodland hut and wandered off into the forest to commute with nature. During one of his trips, he encountered a group of Elves who befriended the curious and inquisitive lad and invited him into their village, where he would spend most of his time.

     There, he was trained in the ways of the hunter, taught to use a bow and how to track his prey, how to revere Willow, the Mother Earth. It was also there where he met his beloved wife, a beautiful Half-elven wizard named Aella. He was attracted to her gentle demeanor and beauty, and she to his rugged charm and passionate ideals. They were lovers for a very long time, but the night before they were to be wed, a band of slavers raided the town and kidnapped Aella. Stricken with a furious rage, he stalked after the slavers and effortlessly slew them down to the last man.

     Before killing the leader of the slavers, Raze learned they were merely a branch of a much larger organization and decided to stop them swiftly. Shortly after marrying Aella, he set off to discover the root of the slaver organization in the area. During his travels, he met with Tusk, a good natured warlord, and with his help, put an end to the vile organization and freed the many captive women the organization had captured over the past month who weren't already sold off or killed.

     On their way back, Tusk and Raze passed by the little village of Rafellum. There, they found a strange creature slain by another group of adventurers. His skill told him that the creature was something highly unnatural, and was a perversion of nature's order. Unable to turn his back on this atrocity, he sent a message to his wife informing her of this unforeseen situation and to await his swift return after he discovered the cause of this terrible deed. And punish those responsible who would dare tamper with nature.

    He is accompanied by his faithful companion, a Peregrine Falcon named Gig. When Gig is not delivering messages for Raze, he is perched atop his shoulder or his outstretched firing arm, occasionally flying nearby his master and friend. When Raze declares a target his quarry in combat, Gig flies in a circle around the enemy to inform the other party members who is their prey in order to make more coordinated attacks.

Raze Dragmyr

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