Sophia Blake

The super-cleric!


Sophia is long and lean, with short cropped black hair around her ears. Piercing green eyes keep a careful watch out, as she is always looking around. She wears a modified priest’s robe rather than the typical nun habit. It’s belted together around her waist and extends down to half-way down her calves, which are covered with sturdy black leather boots. The holy symbol of life is slung around her neck, worn as a rosary. Another small stone necklace also rests around her neck, and she can often be found playing with it when in thought.

  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5’7”
  • Weight: 113 lbs
  • Race: Half-Elf
  • Class: Cleric
  • Deity: Willow, Kyone, Fate
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Hair Style: Cropped around her ears.. Short and messy.
  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Body Type: Slender
  • Birthplace: Theron
  • Languages: Common, Elven

  • Hit Points
    • Max HP: 50
    • Bloodied: 25
    • Surge Valure: 12
    • Surges Per Day: 15

  • Ability Scores
    • STR: 15
    • DEX: 15
    • CON: 19
    • INT: 14
    • WIS: 20
    • CHA: 18

  • Skills: Acrobatics (7), Arcana (12), Athletics (7), Bluff (9), Diplomacy (11), Dungeoneering (10), Endurance (7), Heal (15), History (12), Insight (12), Intimidate (9), Nature (15), Perception (10), Religion (12), Stealth (7), Streetwise (9), Thievery (7)

  • Feats: Ritual Caster, Jack of All Trades, Durable, Astral Fire, Healing Hands

  • Gear: Back Pack, Bed Roll, Flint & Steel, Belt Pouch, Torch x5, Sunrod x2, Waterskin x5, Candle x5, Leather Armor, Hempen Rope, Sealing Wax, Map, Sling Bullets x40, Holy Symbol (of Life), Rations

  • Powers & Abilities:
    • Lance of Faith
    • Sacred Flame
    • Healing Strike
    • Lay On Hands
    • Daunting Light
    • Beacon of Hope
    • Healing Word
    • Divine Fortune
    • Cure Light Wounds
    • Divine Vigor

  • Rituals
    • Turn Undead
    • Gentle Repose
    • Tenser’s Floating Disk
    • Comprehend Language
    • Traveler’s Feast
    • Cure Disease
    • Make Whole


Sophia Katalina Blake was born one bone-chillingly cold day in Elder. While the date isn’t exactly clear, she appeared to be only a few days old when she was discovered on the porch-step of one of Kyone’s many temples in the bustling city of Theron. The women of the temple quickly accepted the girl into their care and gave her a name.

Sophia grew up learning the arts of healing and grew quite skilled with her craft. As she grew older, she longed to see what was outside the city of women. On her sixteenth birthday, her mentor and mother-figure Sister Kate offered her a permanent home in the covent. Respectfully declining, Sophia spent the next year preparing to leave and see the world. On the day she left, Sister Kate offered her advice about life and a treasured present… The Holy Symbol of Life. She wears it around her neck as a rosary to keep Sister Kate and the others close to her heart.

Though she spent a life living in the care of nuns, Sophia had always had a mischievous and playful side about her. She has the curiosity of a kitten, and sometimes it gets the best of her. Her curiosity brought her to the city of Rafelleum, where rumors of strange beasts caught her attentions..

Sophia Blake

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