Human Barbarian 9
Alignment: Unaligned
Languages: Common, Deep Speech

Ability Scores:
STR: 22 (6)
CON: 18 (4)
DEX: 16 (3)
INT: 10 (0)
WIS: 12 (1)
CHA: 12 (1)

Hit Points: 81 Healing Surges/Day: 12 Healing Surge Value: 20 Bloodied Value: 40

Armor Class: 23 Fortitude: 23 Reflex: 19 Willpower: 16
Armor Worn: Hide Armor (3 AC, 0 Speed, 1 Check Penalty)

Initiative: 7 Speed: 6 Passive Insight: 15 Passive Perception: 20

At Will Powers: Recuperating Strike, Devastating Strike , Howling Strike

Encounter Powers: Swift Charge, Avalanche Strike, Blade Sweep, Feast of Violence

Daily Powers: Rage Strike, Rage Drake's Frenzy, Silver Phoenix Rage, Stone Bear Rage, Primal Vitality, Instinctive Charge

Feats: Deadly Rage, Weapon Focus (Heavy Blade), Improved Rageblood Vigor, Rising Fury, Weapon Proficency (Fullblade), Weapon Expertise (Heavy Blade)

Racial and Class Features:
Human: Bonus At Will Power (Recuperating Strike)
Human: Bonus Feat (Deadly Rage)
Human: Bonus Skill (Endurance)
Barbarian: Rage Strike
Barbarian: Rampage
Barbarian: Barbarian Agility
Barbarian: Rageblood Vigor

Acrobatics: 6
Arcana: 4
Athletics: 14 (Trained)
Bluff: 5
Diplomacy: 5
Dungeoneering: 5
Endurance: 12 (Trained)
Heal: 5
History: 4
Insight: 5
Intimidate: 10 (Trained)
Nature: 5
Perception: 10 (Trained)
Religion: 4
Stealth: 6
Streetwise: 5
Thievery: 6

Armor: Cloth, Leather, Hide
Weapons: Simple/Military Melee, Exotic Melee (Fullblade) Weapons: Simple Ranged

Equipment: Adventurer's Kit, Climber's Kit, Bloodiron Fullblade plus 3, Veteran's Hide Armor plus 2, Flame Bracers, Backlash Tattoo, 8 Platinum

(Underlined items are from the Adventurer's Vault supplement book)



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